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  • Nude beach girl photo gallery
    Please post more pics of this doll if you've got them, she is amazing
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    Nude beach girl photo gallery *** . . Hi. This really is our second time posting to Naturist - s, although we post a bit on the regular naturist. These pictures were shot one day when Lisa was trying on a new set of stockings that I got her. She got extremely excited and wet (as may be viewed in the cream on me in the last couple graphics). Yup, thats not from me... not yet anyway. :) She often gets a little "gooey" after she's cum a couple times. Anyway, if anyone has seen her before and recalls her, she is a mom of 3 and is 36 years old. She gets extremely horny sharing these graphics and could even cream a pair of panties reading comments. (or better yet, on me) :) We hope you enjoy! Lisa and Hubby
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