Not certain which is the bravest, so here are all of them:

. Skinny dipped while family was clothed.

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When I was about 13 years old I went out on our pontoon boat with my mom, aunt, and sister. My mom and aunt were fishing and my sister and I chose to swim. For some reason I was wearing short pants, not a bathing suit. My mother approved of me swimming in my jockey shorts. Well, jockeys are not made for swimming. So I took them off. My sister was loving having me swim naked while she was clothed. When done swimming, and after telling my mother I didn’t have anything on, I had to get out of the water and onto the deck of the pontoon. My mom was good with that. So I got out and wrapped a towel around me.

. Drove across Alligator Alley in the nude. It was about ten at night, really dark out there. I disrobed in a secluded space of a rest stop, got into my car and enjoyed a nude drive until reaching the other side.

. Drove home from Haulover Beach, about a 40 minute drive. It was the Fourth of July and a sudden rain storm formed. Everybody was soaked by the time they got back to their automobiles, including me. So I stripped and drove home with a towel handy if desired.

. Walked nude behind the beach area to the nude section of Crandon Park Beach. Once I rounded the curve going to the nude section (north of fabric segment) and out of of the parking area, I disrobed and walked until getting to the nude beach.

. Took a bag of garbage to the road. It was dark out and the nearest street light was burned out. Carried the bag before me on the way out. So view could have seen was a naked butt in the dark.

. Turned off yard sprinkler. Woke up in the middle of the night and remembered the lawn sprinkler was still running in the back yard. No lights back there, so went out and turned it away.

Except for the very first occasion, none of the above was exhibitionist in nature. I had no intention of being seen. Simply wanted to do something bare I normally didn’t get the chance to do nude. The skinnydipping was not a large matter either. Lots of us children did it at the lake during the summertime, but usually not around the grownups.

Labor Day weekend generally indicates the end of the summertime.

This summer, I didn’t spend as much bare time outdoors as I would’ve liked. This was primarily due to the closure of Eastover (does this mean we need to switch the name of the Yahoo group?). Not until the last week of August did I spend some significant time nude in the sun. Thru a group for massage exchanges, I med someone for a trade with a small lawn that’s some privacy. After our trade on each other, we spent some time in the yard having a lite bite. It was kinda fine. The majority of my bare time was spent inside in my area, at B.A.N.G. (Boston Area Naturist Group) occasions, and at .
During the last week of August, I went to GNI for the last 5 day span. As always, it is fine to be bare for several days with old friends and making new ones. Again this year I held a massage workshop, and taking the lead from an Eastover fellow I also held a Massage Therapist Roundtable. One attendee that is a photographer was seeking people to model for him to experiment with different poses. Figure who signed up to help? I’m sure you all recall the scorching sun we had during the summertime. My first 2 days (Wed. and Thurs.)at the Gathering were cozy albeit overcast, but could’ve been warmer.

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Friday the sun actually came thru for the whole day and it was really warm. Saturday, the last complete day, most of us needed to put sun block on. Rather than go straight home the next day, I went to visit an eastover aquaintance in another area of PA for a few days. I was hoping to spend some more time naked at there place, but ironicly they don’t spend any time naked in their home. I didn’t need to force the issue; it’s their house and I was merely a visitor. Now, the summer is over.

Before is over I’ll likely make it to some more B.A.N.G. events and some more naked yoga courses. It’d be nice to meet someone to visit Cypress Cove or traveling to a different resort with. How about the rest of you? How did you spend your summer naked?

I just returned from an incredible week at Club Orient on St. Martin. The first morning I was there

I got up a little before dawn, so I went out onto the shore. After watching the sunrise, I decided to take a walk up the beach. As I walked a noticed that there were other bare and textile people ahead of me. Since I was unsure in the event the entire seashore was clothes-optional I presumed the others ahead of me understood, and that if they could do it I could also.

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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I walked all the way to the north end of the beach. Since I’d started out at our waterfront chalet, right next to the Papagayo restaurant, I’d walked almost 1 1/2 miles.

On the return trip as I approached the Club Orient section of the shore I noticed three guys in what I presumed were police uniforms standing in the parking lot adjacent to the shore watching my strategy. As beach pussy drew near one of them started walking in my direction. Uh oh, this can not be good I thought.

Although the cop didn’t talk English he used enough English words to get me understand that I wasn’t assumed to be naked on the segment of beach from which I ‘d merely come. He wasn’t behaving like he was going to arrest me so I thought that it I acted adequately contrite he’d let me be on my way, which he did.

It turned out to be a good thing for that he did because except for a gold chain I was wearing I had certainly nothing with me. No identification, no money, no credit cards, no nothing. I’d left essentially all my properties behind, and really it felt delightful. I had rambled about a mile into “textile state” entirely nude. No one appeared to care, and I had a ball. Ignorance really is bliss.

Afterwards I went back to see whether there had been a signal indicating the end of the clothing-optional beach, however there was none. There’s a sign facing north that signifies the beginning of the Club Orient nude beach, which I suppose one could interpret as also being the end of the non-nude shore.

The only other time during the week that we put clothing on was when we wandered up the beach again to go para sailing. We totally enjoyed ourselves at Club Orient and highly recommend it. We also highly recommend the Tiko-Tiko cruise to Tintamarre. It was our first time at Club Orient, but it will not be the last.

My first time at a nude beach was at Little Beach in Hawaii. I’d

gone over and stayed back from the beach getting up enough guts to go over to . Finally decided teen beach sex was something I had wanted to do, so walked on down, found a place and took off my swimsuit. The following measure was to get up and go play in the water which I did.

Another time was at a warm springtime and there was another person there sitting in a seat nude. After sitting in the spring for awhile, I got out and enjoyed the sunshine naked additionally. At first when other folks came, I would place the towel over me, but after observing him, I had the guts to remain uncovered with the the next couple of people that came. One couple came and he stripped down to get in the spring, the woman though changed into a swimsuit with him holding the towel up. She did loosen up some and would let her top straps down. Once the top slide a little to show one breast and so she casually pulled it up again. It looked like she wanted to join in, or at least go topless, but simply could never move ahead with it.

My recent courageous move was to go out nude in the yard of the condo we were staying at with my wife.

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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She’s not into nudism and so sometimes when we are alone someone and I ‘ve gone naked, she isn’t quite approving. But it’s early in the year and I was longing to get some naked time in the sun, so just walked right out and put on the lounge chair. With the privacy wall at this area, I was expecting she wouldn’t say anything or be upset. She joined me in her bikini and seemed comfortable with me laying out nude. Later on she took her top off which was somewhat surprising. After she slipped her bottoms away and joined me naked. Even more astonishing was the next day when we were going outside to catch some sun. She did not even trouble to set her bikini on, but merely went straight out naked. There were still other times that she still wore her bikini, but supporting that she was willing to do some nude sunbathing. Looking forward to the summer with her to see how much she’s willing to really go.

One last time to associate was when I was at a small resevoir and was laying on a inflatable mat floating on the water. I ‘d on some swimwear that had some clasps, so I released the clasps and appreciated floating on the mat bare. There were boats going by and some others on the beach, but it felt so nice. I have done this again after I got past the initial first time. Consistently keep them handy in case a ranger comes by.

Perhaps you have posed nude in public?

Could you get enough bravery to do that? Well, I did that and Im ready to tell you my exciting teen nudism narrative! It has happened not so long time ago. Few months ago or something like that! It was the very peak of tourism season and millions of folks were flying all over the world while searching for new feelings. Meanwhile I was sitting at home absolutely free and I didnt have anything to do! My college session has concluded however I was feeling kind of tired, since I had absolutely nothing to do! In order not to expire from boredom, I called my girlfriend Jessica and told her my story. I understood that she’s very helpful and she’d find an excellent option for me. When she heard my voice, she totally understood the entire situation and didnt take long to find an original solution. She told me that in Thailand there’s a perfect place to unbend and relax. Nevertheless , as soon as I heard that its gonna be a nudist beach, I felt kind of strange, because Ive never been there! I just could envision as naked folks are walking and lying by each other, but I could never imagine that I ‘d be among them! Nonetheless Jessica had perfect powerful skills and the following day I ended up flying with her in plane to one of these exotic isles in Thailand.
The idea of being around nude people itself was stunning me and frightening at exactly the same time. The road from the airport to our hotel wasnt long and all this manner I was thinking how Im gonna act when I finally arrive to nudist beach and get my first teen nudist encounter!
as soon as I made my first step on that long-awaited nudist beach, a huge blast of unbelievable emotions has enveloped me! I was surprised, embarrassed and excited at the exact same time! I was hesitating to take a look at nude bodies around me and at cocks which were encircling me! Nude studs everywhere! Cocks, cocks, cocksIve never seen this kind of large number of penises surrounding me at the exact same time! That was absolutely amazing! At first I was feeling kind of shy to expose my body to the public. Nevertheless Jessica has described me that it is totally legal and all those nude people will perceive my teen nudism as standard. So I left all the fears behind and started taking clothes off my body, slowly exhibiting my springy body comforts till I was absolutely nude. I mean, absolutely naked! No panties, no bra or bikini! And guess what? Nothing extraordinary has happened! All nudists took me the way I am and Ive understood that really there is nothing to be scared of teen nudism! Vice versa! In my age actually it is very intriguing to find new horizons and get new things. Moreover all the things that I was finding was frankly speaking very fascinating and exciting to me at exactly the same time!
Very soon I have fully assimilated and all that mature and teen nudity wasnt disarraying me in any way and I was feeling normally seeing boobs, bums and dicks surrounding me! In return all those brawny studs began checking me out as well! I was feeling hundreds glances at my body! And honestly speaking it was so enjoyable! For once in my life I wasnt fixed by any rules or limits and all this slight lechery was absolutely legal! It was like a heaven on earth! Wonderland, in all honesty! So many of my secret desires and horrible fantasies have become real and I was understanding that this teen nudism encounter is completely irreplaceable for me!
Weve spent the entire day swimming in the ocean, having sunbaths and playing various sport games on the beach. Nonetheless Jessica desired to make this teen nudism journey totally unforgettable and so she suggested another strategy to me! as soon as I thought that the most courageous thing has already been done, she has suggested me another one! Her plan was to seduce a guy right on the seashore! Could you believe in that? Same with me! At first I was completely stunned and didnt know what to do! But Jessica told me that there’s nothing to worry about! Im nude and means that half of the strategy is already realized. All I need would be to come up to a stud Ive enjoyed and with the aid of my charm and pick up him! Ive never done anything like this before, but she insisted and I ‘d nothing to do, but to obey. So I selected a fine stud, who had a brawny muscular body and notable credentials. You understand what Im talking about! So I approached, lied by him and began throwing tempting glances at him! I couldnt believe that Im doing this! Well, my hot body and natural attraction got the work done just excellent and quite soon we were discussing already as if we were friends since quite a long time! I enjoyed him and he enjoyed me!

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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Everything was simply perfect! The day was slowly turning into night and we both understood how its gonna end up! However is already another story! The main thing is that with the aid of teen nudism I managed to do the bravest thing in my life and not one, but two! And all this is because of Jessica and her inventiveness. Thats totally unforgettable and those breathtaking memories will remain with me forever!

It is difficult to know just when or where my first bare experience was like except being quite youthful playing in the water.

I used to be a part of a club where my favourite area and activity was to swim laps in the pool. It felt free being there without a swimsuit. Back then work consumed much of my time, however, those trips were well worth the drive as was a area which allowed me to become more socially & spiritually linked with the few very special people there. It was nice to attend an occasion; although it was the nature and quiet times I appreciated the best. Being there appeared like a ‘little part of heaven’.
Frequently there were times, while driving freely down the frontage road on hot summer days, the highway to the right was crowded with cars inching their way to the beach. I’d chuckle inside thinking . . . if only the folks knew of this better area just around the bend! My doctrine of naturism is that all of us are born nude since this is natures way of saying it is completely natural to be naked. It’s also the most comfortable way to be also. Having the ability to swim without clothing and to feel the cool water, the breezes, and open air, even the raindrops — this has been one of the very most freeing experiences Ive ever understood. It is particularly fine in the common business of special friends.

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After reaching my 30s I got a better awareness of myself and started accepting my imperfections. When the 40s came around, I stop caring so much about what other people may be saying or believing. Being a real section of the naturist community has instructed me to be more accepting of myself and also of other people. I believe there’s a good deal to be gained from this, i.e. dropping the covers of insecurity and showing there’s nothing to conceal. This has also made me a happier person.
If it weren’t for a longtime mutual friend, I’d never understood the Clothesfree site existed either. Since then I Have learned a good deal by reading the diverse themes discussed here. The vast majority of folks here are open-minded, non judgmental, insightful, caring and supporting of naturism. Being here makes me feel public nudism of an extended nudist family

My history without clothing has been long but rather unpredictable.

As I read in this newsgroup, there are many who have been comfortable with nudity since youth.
That was definitely not possible for me in the quite traditional dwelling in which I was raised. I do recall quite vividly my first experience. When I was 13, our family was trailor camping in a forest in the south of England. It turned out to be a lovely morning and I was up before anyone else. I stepped outside in the dewy morning in my pajamas and discovered a path leading away into the woods. The temptation was too great. Once I was out of sight, I took off all my clothing and ran naked through the forest. It turned out to be a fabulous feeling!

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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Unfortunately, it was not an encounter I really could duplicate easily. As I grew through my teen years, there was no possibility of being naked at home or in the back yard.
I had to be met wearing brief panties and I would sometimes lie on a towel in the yard. My mom wasn’t thrilled, but did not say too much. Some years afterwards, I was married and I recall with great fondness a time when my youthful bride and I walked naked in a field. It turned out to be a great feeling of freedom, but not one which has been repeated often. Over time, I’ve visited Wreck Beach once I was visiting Vancouver. There I found people very receptive and taking. Unlike many I have read around in this forum, didn’t have some hesitation about taking off my clothes with strangers. It was a very freeing experience. I remember once lying across a log from a young woman and a couple of young men who were having a dialog.
They were completely standard in the things they discussed although they and I were naked. I thought what a great awareness of self confidence each individual revealed, notably the young woman. Perhaps that is what a lot of people lack, the self confidence and positive self image to be themselves even when they’re clothed. My children are grown now so my wife is a whole lot more accepting of my being nude around the house and in the lawn. She grins at me and recognizes that when I have really been able to lie in the sun nude for an hour or so, I’m so much more relaxed. She says, “If this is what it takes for you to be relaxed, I am all for . This implies that it is o.k. for me to be nude and have no tan lines.
She doesn’t especially share my enthusiasm. For those who are easily able to be naked and free at home, the beach or the club, appreciate that liberty. Not all people can experience that degree of freedom and enjoy being comfortable in their particular skin, whether they’re nude alone or with others.

I for one hate to sunbathe, prefer reading, board games, spinning, weaving, actual hiking, dancing, crocheting, swimming (not floating

, which is simply sunbathing on the water.) I favor doing this in the shade. We’ve got several wild and mostly private acres, and have plans to come up with hiking trails through some of it. We’ll then have to deal with poachers and armed dope growers using the trails. No where is perfect! I’m mainly naked in the house when it’s warm enough. Recently, I have started being when certain select buddies are here. I found I was uncomfortable being nude when the others were clothed, but I persevered and it got better. I think perhaps that clothing optional is not easier than worldwide nudity for me. Really though, I simply prefer doing anything in than ‘civilized’ when bare. Except for the thorns.

Has anyone here ever gotten so used to being nude at home that they forget when they are elsewhere? This just occurred to me last weekend, we were working at a rendezvous (not a nudist place) as well as a huge wind blew up during the nighttime. I sat up in bed and started to crawl out of our tarp shelter to be sure everything in camp was buttoned down tight, and realized I was about to go out fully bare with other people all around me. Afterward I really thought to myself, “this wind feels so great, do I risk it?” The answer was, obviously, “No!”

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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but the point is, I actually forgot about being nude in the very first place. Anybody here done that?